movementflowCombat calisthenics is a workout intended for people who are looking forward to enhancing their self-defense as well as martial arts skills. They are exercises that target physical as well as the psychological development of a martial artist or just an ordinary fighter. Although calisthenics was initially intended to improve the flexibility of gymnasts, it has become apparent, that it would work better for the martial artist and other fighters. Reason being, it safe and the best part encompasses a lot of flexibility and stretching techniques that are vital for kicking and punching in fights and martial arts performances. If you are interested in combat calisthenics, you must remember that it requires a lot of time for you to see results.

This post will take you through some few tips on how you can include combat calisthenics in your workout routine to achieve faster and powerful kicks and punches in fights. But first, let us understand its benefits.

How combat calisthenics helps

Before you start your workouts, it is important to understand the three components that will make you a better fighter that includes, strength, endurance and lastly, reaction. Take, for example, if your opponent is stronger than you; he will win the fight with much ease. Also, if your opponent is faster than you, he or she might knock you out in a second. Lastly, if your opponent can last in the ring longer than you, there are high chances he or she will defeat or knock you out in the last rounds. As a fighter, losing because you lack speed, endurance or strength will ruin you and that is what you don’t need. Combat calisthenics workouts are designed to help you achieve these three components with much ease and without using any equipment. What you need are your body weight and some few tips. Also, check out our new blog about yoga for combat.

How to perform combat calisthenics workouts

  1. Combat calisthenics strength training

Upper body – Combat calisthenics for upper body target the muscles in your arms, shoulders, abs, chest, triceps and more. These exercises are intended to improve the strength in your punches as well as kicks. Also, they make your upper body strong enough to withstand being hit while fighting. Visit Bar Brothers workout program to download a free pdf.

  • calisthenicsbody-resistance-1024x886Push ups – Lie face down with your palms firm on the ground and toes pointing the floor. Keep in mind; your arms should be directly below your shoulders. Push the floor away from you until your arms are straightened. With your back flat, lower your body until your chest is close, but not touching the floor. Repeat the steps aiming for 20 reps of 2 sets.
  • Sit ups – Lie face up with your back flat on the floor, knees bent, hands behind your ears and feet flat on the ground. Make sure that your elbows are out to your sides. Squeeze your abs, raise your upper body off the ground and bring it close to your knees and then back. Aim for ten reps of 3 sets with a 20-second rest in between.
  • Dips – Grab the bar on your sides and jump up. Bend your arms to lower yourself as much as you can. Lastly, straighten your arms to lift your body up to where you started. Aim for 2-3 sets of 10 reps.
  • Lower body – Combat calisthenics for lower body target the muscles in your thighs, hips, calves muscles and more. Their primary purpose is to strengthen your legs, hips as well as calves for stability as well as fast and powerful kicking. Here is what you will be required to do.
  • Squats – Stand straight then widen your feet approximately, 10 centimeters apart. Straighten your back and keep both your shoulders and chest up. Squat, pause for a second and then stand up. Repeat the procedure aiming for 20 reps of 2 sets.
  1. Combat calisthenics endurance training

Running is one of the best ways to train for endurance as well as circulation that are vital, especially when going through many aggressive rounds. Also, it strengthens your legs, reduces calories and more. If you want to gain endurance much faster, start with a light jog and then increase the pace as you go. If you are running around a football pitch, I would suggest that you jog then when you are about to finish a lap, sprint. In short, you will be combining jogging and sprinting to improve your endurance. Another good alternative is rope jumping.

  1. Combat calisthenics reaction training

Knocking out your opponent or winning a fight depends on how fast you react. If your reflexes are slow, it is unlikely that you will counter or escape a fast attack from your opponent. Combat Calisthenics reaction training aim to improve your reflexes when fighting, but unlike the exercises mentioned earlier, they incorporate a real situation. For example, you can have your partner try to kick you while you try to miss. There also a variety of exercises that involves hitting a pad with a lighting speed. Here are some few tips.

  • Punches – Your mitt or pad holder will try to attack while you miss and hit the pad as fast as you can and with much power. Let your training partner have two pads so that you can hit with both hands.
  • Kicks – Here you will also be hitting pads, but this time, with your legs. If you are doing Tae Kwon Do, your pad holder will hide the pad and show it to you when you are unaware. Time the pad when it shows up and hit as hard as you can. Also, ask him or her to hold two pads so that you can hit with two legs.

The final words

Combat calisthenics is an equipment-free exercise that is intended for martial artists and fighters that want to improve their performance in the ring. The main reason use of equipment is eliminated in these exercises is to make them comfortable allowing you to concentrate on building your skills instead of risks involved in the use of equipment.

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